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Welcome to DPV Construction, a local team of home extensions experts near Camberwell. With a team of fully insured, accredited and experienced staff, we offer end-to-end assistance for homeowners. From planning to execution, DPV pays close attention to every detail and works with you to turn dreams into reality.


Quality Home Renovations in Camberwell

When it comes to home renovations in Camberwell, no one does it quite like DPV Construction. Our experience and dedication to quality workmanship set us apart. Whether you need to renew your bathroom, kitchen, or bedrooms, we bring a wealth of experience to your project. Every detail is tailored to your dreams, your style, and your budget.

With an emphasis on quality finishes, we make sure your renovation both adds value to your home and enhances your day-to-day lifestyle. Our experienced tradespeople bring a unique problem-solving ability to transform your ideas into physical form.

At DPV, we aim to deliver home renovations in Camberwell that exceed client expectations. We care about your vision and we reach out to understand precisely what you want to achieve. This approach guarantees that you will love the final result.

And our operations aren’t limited to Camberwell only—we extend our quality services to the good people of Richmond, Mont Albert, and Surrey Hills too.


Expert Home Extensions Camberwell

DPV Construction offers expert home extensions in Camberwell to expand your living space, all while minimising any disruption to your current routine. New bedrooms? home office? your living area? Our experienced team is here to guide you.

We tailor each project to meet homeowners’ unique requirements, ensuring the extension fits seamlessly with the existing structure. Our team takes into consideration your home’s original architecture, local building regulations, and your preferred style.

From the initial planning stage to construction and final sign-off, we’ll take the stress out of your project by managing the entire process. Through transparent communication, we’ll ensure that you know exactly what is happening at every stage of your home extension in Camberwell.

If you are in Hawthorn, Burwood, or Armadale, don’t worry—we provide our extension services to these locations and surroundings too

Reliable Home Maintenance and Repairs in Camberwell

Besides home renovations and extensions in Camberwell, we also offer maintenance and repair services. Whether you need regular maintenance services to keep your property in top condition or urgent repairs, our team of skilled and licensed trade’s people is ready to help.

We handle a wide range of repair projects, from simple cosmetic touch-ups to more complex maintenance tasks that require professional expertise. Because we understand the structure and detail of your home’s features, we’re uniquely equipped to handle your property’s repair needs.

We take pride in ensuring your home always looks great and everything works as it should, giving you the peace of mind and the freedom to enjoy your Camberwell property to the fullest.

Renovations are our passion!

Why Choose DPV Construction for Home
Extensions in Camberwel

Selecting the right construction company for your home extensions or renovations in Camberwell is a crucial decision.
Here’s why DPV Construction should be at the top of your list:

  • Our team combines experience and expertise to create outstanding results in every project
  • We pay close attention to detail to ensure a high-end finish that stands the test of time
  • Efficient project management and transparent communication eliminate surprises
  • We adhere to timelines and respect budgets
  • Our clients enjoy the comfort of knowing that their homes are in the capable hands of a trusted, accredited company.

At DPV Construction, we deliver more than just a final product; we offer an unforgettable experience, from our first meeting to the moment you take your first step into your newly renovated or extended Camberwell home. Call us now on 0431 234 491 to start your renovation journey.

Licensed Builder

DPV Construction holds a Victorian Company Building
Licence: CDB-U 73005.

Expert Builder

DPV Construction is a member of the peak Member body making them a Master Builder, giving clients an extra layer of confidence regarding experience and abilities.

Licenced Labour Hire

DPV Construction can officially provide bespoke carpentry labour as a labour hire agreement with clients due to successfully completing the licence requirements under the Labour Hire Licencing Act 2018.

Industry Experience

DPV Construction has over 27 years of combined Building & Construction experience!

Environmentally Active

As a Green Living Builder, DPV Construction can design and construct energy efficient renovations that not only meet minimum standards, but set a new benchmark in the housing sector for energy innovation.

Qualified Carpenters

DPV Construction runs a team of qualified carpenters ranging in years of experience but paired together to compliment each other with every task.

A Step-by-Step Guide to the

How to Plan a Successful Home Extension in Camberwell


If you’re planning a home extension in Camberwell, the following steps can guide you to success:

Step 1
Assess your needs: Make a list of the features you want to add to your home. Think about your long-term plans and how you can optimise the space.
Step 2
Budget: Determine how much you’re willing to spend on the project. This will guide the design process and material selection.
Step 3
Plan the design: Create a plan for the layout of the extension. Consider natural light sources, room function, and how it will flow with the rest of your home.
Step 4
Engage a professional: Hire an experienced construction company like DPV Construction to bring your vision to life. We will handle the planning, construction, and finishing details.

Undertaking a home extension project in Camberwell could be your ticket to a more spacious and luxurious home. Whatever you desire, DPV Construction has the skills and experience to make your dream a reality.


Environmental Responsibility in Home Renovations and Extensions

DPV Construction, along with partners like Slurry Tub, is committed to reducing the environmental impact of our operations. We use an environmentally conscious approach with our renovations and extensions in Camberwell and beyond, ensuring harmful substances are disposed of responsibly.

We also promote sustainability by using premium materials that stand the test of time, reducing the need for replacements or alterations. If you seek a renovation and extension company in Camberwell that respects the planet as much as it values quality workmanship, DPV Construction is your trusted partner.

Launch your home extension or renovation project today and experience the DPV difference. Reach out to our friendly and professional team on 0431 234 491. Let us work together to create your dream home in Camberwell.

DPV Construction

Frequently Asked Questions for Home Extensions Camberwell

How much experience does DPV Construction have in home extensions in Camberwell?

DPV Construction has a wealth of experience in home extensions and renovations in Camberwell, providing high-quality workmanship that meets the unique needs of each homeowner.

What areas does DPV Construction serve for home extensions apart from Camberwell?

Apart from Camberwell, DPV Construction also extends its quality services to Richmond, Mont Albert, Surrey Hills, Hawthorn, Burwood, and Armadale.

What type of home extensions does DPV Construction provide in Camberwell?

DPV Construction provides various types of home extensions in Camberwell, including new bedrooms, home offices, expanded living areas, and multi-storey additions.

Is DPV Construction committed to environmentally responsible practices in their Camberwell home extensions?

Yes, DPV Construction commits to reducing environmental impact in their operations. They use an environmentally conscious approach in their Camberwell renovations and extensions, ensuring responsible disposal of harmful substances and using premium, sustainable materials.

How can I start my home extension project in Camberwell with DPV Construction?

Launch your home extension project in Camberwell today by reaching out to DPV Construction’s friendly and professional team at 0431 234 491. They’ll guide you from the initial planning stage to the construction and final sign-off.