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With a wealth of experience and the ability to deliver bespoke projects in Melbourne, DPV Construction is your go-to for home extensions in Glen Iris and beyond. Our team are passionate professionals, well-versed in delivering customised solutions that meet and exceed the unique requirements of your home.

With a strong focus on quality, detail, and client satisfaction, we aim to turn your dream home extension into a reality.


Your Trusted Partner for Home Extensions in Glen Iris

At DPV Construction, we understand the magnitude of a home extension project. Our team of highly skilled professionals are adept at managing projects of varying scopes and sizes, making us the ideal choice for home extensions in Glen Iris.

When working with us, you’re not simply getting workers who are experienced and passionate, but an entire team dedicated to delivering your vision within your planned budget. Our unique problem-solving abilities coupled with our ‘yes, absolutely’ attitude have won us the trust and admiration of many clients in the Glen Iris area and beyond.

We take pride in our reputation for delivering projects on time, without compromising on the quality of work. We are committed to respecting agreed timelines and budgets, ensuring our clients have a stress-free and satisfactory experience. Whether you live in Glen Iris, Burwood, Malvern, or Richmond, rest assured that we are equipped to bring your home extension vision to life.


Comprehensive Home Extensions in Glen Iris

At DPV Construction, we provide seamless and comprehensive services in home extensions, Glen Iris. From the initial idea phase, through to planning and executing, we take care of every detail so you don’t have to. Our processes are transparent and well-coordinated ensuring a smooth transition at every phase of the home extension project.

Our work takes into account the unique characteristics of your home, ensuring that the final outcome seamlessly merges with the existing structure. Equally, we value the individual tastes and stylistic preferences of our clients, working tirelessly to reflect these in the final product.

We also recognise that clients in Glen Iris demand and deserve perfection. Using premium materials and demonstrating unparalleled attention to detail, we consistently deliver home extensions that boost property value, enhance livability, and reflect the distinct personalities of our clients. If you need customised home extensions in Glen Iris, or perhaps Hawthorn or Armadale, DPV Construction is the perfect partner for you.

Renovations are our passion!

Why Choose DPV Construction for Home
Extensions in Glen Iris?

Choosing DPV Construction means opting for a team that places your needs and desires at the forefront. Our USPs include:

  • Highly skilled and experienced team with 27 years of combined Building & Construction experience
  • Transparent communication at every stage of your home extension project
  • Customised solutions tailored around individual client needs
  • Attention to detail for impeccable results
  • Use of premium materials ensuring a robust and durable finish
  • A rigorous project management approach ensuring efficiency and timely delivery
  • A strong network of trusted suppliers ensuring quality at all stages
  • Respect for timelines and budgets, ensuring a stress-free experience
  • Warranty and after-sales service for peace of mind
  • High client satisfaction rate as reflected in our positive client testimonials

So, when you’re looking to remodel or revamp your home in Canterbury, Surrey Hills, or even Glen Iris, we are just a phone call away at 0431 234 491.

Licensed Builder

DPV Construction holds a Victorian Company Building
Licence: CDB-U 73005.

Expert Builder

DPV Construction is a member of the peak Member body making them a Master Builder, giving clients an extra layer of confidence regarding experience and abilities.

Licenced Labour Hire

DPV Construction can officially provide bespoke carpentry labour as a labour hire agreement with clients due to successfully completing the licence requirements under the Labour Hire Licencing Act 2018.

Industry Experience

DPV Construction has over 27 years of combined Building & Construction experience!

Environmentally Active

As a Green Living Builder, DPV Construction can design and construct energy efficient renovations that not only meet minimum standards, but set a new benchmark in the housing sector for energy innovation.

Qualified Carpenters

DPV Construction runs a team of qualified carpenters ranging in years of experience but paired together to compliment each other with every task.

A Step-by-Step Guide to the

Home Extension Glen Iris – Getting Started


Embarking on a home extension project can seem daunting. However, with careful planning and the right team, it can become a stress-free and even enjoyable experience.

Firstly, identify the need for an extension. Is it to create additional living space or enhance the aesthetic value of your home? Once this is clear, establish a budget and timeline. This provides a roadmap that guides the entire project and keeps it on track.

Next, partner with experienced professionals like DPV Construction. We have the expertise and experience to handle all aspects of home extensions Glen Iris, from initial conception to final execution.


How to Successfully Execute a Home Extension Project in Glen Iris

Executing a perfect home extension in Glen Iris or Camberwell begins with a vision. What do you hope to achieve with the extension? Having a clear goal in mind helps us create a design that aligns well with your aspirations.

Once we understand your vision, our experienced team can then devise a project plan. This includes detailing every phase of the extension, from sourcing materials to setting timelines and milestones. With DPV Construction, the entire process will be handled professionally and meticulously.

However, even with a comprehensive project plan, it’s important to anticipate possible obstacles and have contingency plans in place. There might be unforeseen delays or potential logistical hiccups. With us by your side, these issues will be tackled efficiently and quickly to keep the project on track.

Ready to take the next step towards your dream home extension in Glen Iris and the surrounding areas? Get in touch with our friendly team on 0431 234 491 today!

DPV Construction

Frequently Asked Questions for Home Extensions Glen Iris

What kind of home extensions in Glen Iris does DPV Construction specialise in?

DPV Construction specialises in a wide range of home extensions in Glen Iris, providing bespoke solutions tailored to the unique requirements and aesthetic preferences of each client. The team can manage projects of varying scopes and sizes.

Why should I choose DPV Construction for my home extension in Glen Iris?

DPV Construction has extensive experience and a highly skilled team with a strong focus on quality, detail, and client satisfaction. They commit to timelines and budgets, offer transparent communication, and use premium materials for a robust and durable finish.

Are DPV Construction's home extensions limited to Glen Iris?

No, in addition to providing home extensions in Glen Iris, DPV Construction also serves other areas in Melbourne, like Burwood, Malvern, Richmond, Hawthorn, Armadale, Surrey Hills, and Canterbury.

How does DPV Construction ensure client satisfaction for home extensions in Glen Iris?

DPV Construction values the client’s vision and preferences while ensuring that the final home extension seamlessly merges with the existing structure. They maintain a transparent, well-coordinated process followed by a warranty and after-sales service for total peace of mind.

How do I get started with my home extension project with DPV Construction in Glen Iris?

Begin by identifying your need for the extension and establishing a budget and timeline. Then, contact DPV Construction at 0431 234 491 to discuss your vision and how the team can bring it to reality with a customised home extension in Glen Iris.