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Home Extensions Melbourne


DPV Construction is an award-winning team of Melbourne based builders, carpenters and suppliers. Beyond bespoke renovations and maintenance, we are industry experts in luxury residential extensions. Our service is detailed, transparent and tailored around your individual needs.

A luxury extension can significantly improve the look and feel of a property. In addition, it is also a great way to reflect your personal taste and stylistic choices. Whether you’re extending bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, second storey spaces or outdoor areas, we’re here to turn the design to a tangible reality.

As a part of our transparent process, we also provide a Post-Handover Management System, where important project data and documents are accessible on a secure cloud server. This is all a part of our ongoing commitment to client satisfaction.


Customised Home Extensions in Melbourne Suburbs

Our aim is to fulfil your unique needs and aspirations. We are proud to serve homeowners in various suburbs such as Balwyn, Burwood, and Mont Albert. Every extension project we undertake in these suburbs is tailored to reflect individual lifestyles and personal preferences.

Our highly skilled and experienced team approaches each home extension project in Melbourne with a ‘yes, absolutely’ attitude. Our master builders execute stringent planning processes before starting any construction work to ensure the end result meets your expectations and adheres to the highest industry standards.

Through our excellent project management skills, we can complete your home extension without disturbing your daily life. We also respect your timelines and budgets, making us a reliable choice for home extensions in Melbourne’s suburbs like Glen Iris and Hawthorn.


Trustworthy Home Extensions in Melbourne

Want to transform your property? DPV Construction is home to a team of expert home extension specialists in Melbourne. With decades of combined experience, we’ve helped countless homeowners to achieve great results, add property value and ultimately, make the most out of their spaces.

The DPV Construction team consists of fully insured, accredited and licensed contractors. This includes both VBA certified builders and highly skilled carpenters. Our staff pay careful attention to the details and make sure that every extension is built to stand the test of time.

During the renovation, we use high-quality tools and premium materials sourced from reliable suppliers. Through Slurry Tub and other eco-conscious initiatives, we are also committed to sustainable projects that protect the environment.

Renovations are our passion!

Why Choose DPV Construction for Home Extensions
in Melbourne?

Here’s why DPV Construction is your best choice for home extensions in Melbourne:

Detailed Documentation We provide a post-handover document management system that includes emergency management systems, warranty management, and sub-trade contact details, all stored in our secure cloud server.
Premium Materials We have a strong network of trusted suppliers to source premium materials for every project.
Effective Project Management Every step taken by us is in pursuit of efficient project management and delivering Melbourne's best home extensions.
Customer Satisfaction We maintain our solid record of outstanding customer satisfaction by valuing your ideas, respecting your budget, and working to your timeline.
warranty and after sales service
Warranty and After Sales Service We stand behind our work and are there for you even after project completion, providing extensive warranty coverage and prompt after-sales service.
phone and field support
Phone and Field Support Our Melbourne team is always ready to assist during business hours. Call 0431 234 491 for direct assistance.
Licensed Builder

DPV Construction holds a Victorian Company Building
Licence: CDB-U 73005.

Expert Builder

DPV Construction is a member of the peak Member body making them a Master Builder, giving clients an extra layer of confidence regarding experience and abilities.

Licenced Labour Hire

DPV Construction can officially provide bespoke carpentry labour as a labour hire agreement with clients due to successfully completing the licence requirements under the Labour Hire Licencing Act 2018.

Industry Experience

DPV Construction has over 27 years of combined Building & Construction experience!

Environmentally Active

As a Green Living Builder, DPV Construction can design and construct energy efficient renovations that not only meet minimum standards, but set a new benchmark in the housing sector for energy innovation.

Qualified Carpenters

DPV Construction runs a team of qualified carpenters ranging in years of experience but paired together to compliment each other with every task.


Eco-Friendly Home Extensions Melbourne -
Canterbury and Surrey Hills

At DPV Construction, we pride ourselves in being Green Living Master Builders. We understand the importance of thinking about the environment during home extension projects in Melbourne's Canterbury and Surrey Hills areas. We incorporate energy-efficient features and use sustainable materials without ever compromising on quality.


Our energy-innovative approach to home extensions makes us Melbourne's top choice for environmentally conscious homeowners. We carefully design our projects to provide eco-friendly solutions that help reduce your carbon footprint without sacrificing style and comfort. We are always exploring new sustainable building techniques to integrate into our home extension projects in Melbourne. Our commitment to eco-friendly construction practices adds value to your home and our environment.

DPV Construction

Frequently Asked Questions for Home Extensions Melbourne

What type of home extensions does DPV Construction specialise in Melbourne?

DPV Construction specialises in all types of home extensions in Melbourne, from kitchen expansions to the addition of new bedrooms and design of outdoor living spaces.

How does DPV Construction customise home extensions in Melbourne's suburbs?

Each home extension project in Melbourne’s suburbs like Balwyn, Burwood, and Mont Albert is tailored to reflect individual lifestyles and personal preferences. DPV Construction’s builders execute stringent planning processes before constructing to ensure the end result meets clients’ expectations.

How does DPV Construction incorporate eco-friendliness in its home extensions in Melbourne?

As Green Living Master Builders, DPV Construction incorporates energy-efficient features and uses sustainable materials in their home extensions in Melbourne’s Canterbury and Surrey Hills areas. This innovative approach provides eco-friendly solutions that help reduce your carbon footprint whilst maintaining style and comfort.

How to start a home extension project in Melbourne with DPV Construction?

With DPV Construction, the home extension process in Melbourne begins with a discussion about your vision, style preferences, space use, timeline, and budget. Then, the team brings your vision to life in blueprints and 3D renders. After finalising the design, their master builders get to work to create your dream space.

What happens if I face any issues after the completion of my home extension in Melbourne with DPV Construction?

DPV Construction stands behind their work and provides extensive warranty coverage and prompt after-sales service. They even provide a post-handover document management system and phone and field support for any direct assistance during business hours.


How to Begin Your Home Extension Project in Melbourne with DPV Construction

Taking the first step towards a home extension project in Melbourne can seem daunting. However, teaming up with DPV Construction simplifies the process. Our first step includes understanding your vision for your space.

We discuss your style preferences, space use, timeline, and budget. Our experienced team then brings your vision to life in the form of blueprints and 3D renders. After finalising the design, our master builders take over to create your dream space without disrupting your life.

Are you a homeowner in Melbourne’s Armadale or Malvern areas planning for a home extension? DPV Construction is ready to help turn your ideas into reality. Contact us now, and let us journey together to enhance your home and your living experience.