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DPV Construction offers top-tier home extension services in the Canterbury area. With a team of carefully selected, highly experienced professionals, we’re ready to breathe new life into your home. Our customised services ensure that your needs are at the forefront of every decision we make. Our primary focus is on enhancing your home with meticulously planned and smoothly executed extensions that exceed expectations and provide you with additional, functional space.


What Makes Home Extensions in Canterbury Essential

Home extensions are a great way of adding more functionality and value to your property. The surging popularity in suburbs such as Canterbury, Armadale, and Glen Iris denotes a trend among homeowners to extend rather than relocate. Opting for a home extension allows you to add more space while retaining the charm and familiarity of your existing house, negating the need to change neighbourhoods.

In Burwood and Hawthorn, a well-executed home extension can add significant value to your residential property Most importantly, it gives you the freedom to customise your own home to changing needs and aspirations.

At DPV Construction, we capitalise on this advantage by ensuring our services align with your vision for your Canterbury home. We’re an established firm with extensive experience in delivering versatile solutions across Melbourne.


Customised Home Extensions in Canterbury

DPV Construction’s team of skilled professionals specialises in bespoke home extensions in Canterbury, tailoring services to suit individual needs. Working meticulously to factor in every detail, our commitment lies in delivering much more than an additional space. We understand the uniqueness of every home, which corresponds to unique needs and desires.

To cater to your specific requirements, we offer a range of home extension services, including expanding living rooms, addition of extra bedrooms or bathrooms, and creation of a home office space. We draw upon our vast experience to seamlessly integrate the new segment with the existing structure, ensuring that your home retains its harmonious appearance.

Our experts liaise with you throughout the process, sharing updates and inviting inputs. We serve the suburbs of Mont Albert, Malvern, and Prahran as well, committed to fulfilling the desires of homeowners with our superior craftsmanship.

Renovations are our passion!

Why Choose DPV Construction for Home
Extensions in Canterbury?

With DPV Construction, your home extensions in Canterbury are in capable hands. Here’s why we stand out:

Top-notch Quality All our extensions are built to last. We use only premium materials offered by our trusted suppliers to ensure the durability and longevity of our constructions.
Expert Team Our team comprises skilled, experienced professionals who have mastered the art of extensions.
Tailored Solutions We offer custom-designed solutions, perfectly suiting your needs.
Efficient Project Management We manage all aspects of your home extension meticulously, ensuring a smooth execution.
Transparent Communication: We keep you updated throughout the project, promoting a transparent client-builder relationship.

Our commitment to providing outstanding customer satisfaction positions us as a reliable choice for your home extensions in Surrey Hills, Richmond, and surrounding suburbs in Melbourne. Contact us on 0431 234 491 to kickstart your Canterbury home extension journey.

Licensed Builder

DPV Construction holds a Victorian Company Building
Licence: CDB-U 73005.

Expert Builder

DPV Construction is a member of the peak Member body making them a Master Builder, giving clients an extra layer of confidence regarding experience and abilities.

Licenced Labour Hire

DPV Construction can officially provide bespoke carpentry labour as a labour hire agreement with clients due to successfully completing the licence requirements under the Labour Hire Licencing Act 2018.

Industry Experience

DPV Construction has over 27 years of combined Building & Construction experience!

Environmentally Active

As a Green Living Builder, DPV Construction can design and construct energy efficient renovations that not only meet minimum standards, but set a new benchmark in the housing sector for energy innovation.

Qualified Carpenters

DPV Construction runs a team of qualified carpenters ranging in years of experience but paired together to compliment each other with every task.

A Step-by-Step Guide to the

How to Plan Your Home Extension in Canterbury with DPV Construction


Planning is an integral part of any home extension project. At DPV Construction, we guide you through the process, providing professional advice to help maximise your Canterbury home extension benefits. Our team will first meet with you to understand your needs and examine your current home structure.

We’ll discuss the purpose of the extension, whether it’s to add a home office, create room for a growing family or simply to add value to your property. Considering these factors, we’ll help you decide on the size, style, and placement of the extension.

Our team will also handle all the paperwork, including obtaining planning permissions if necessary. With our extensive industry knowledge and legal expertise, you’re spared the hassle, saving you time and energy.


Create Your Dream Home Extension in Canterbury Today

We encourage you to seize the chance to add more space and value to your Canterbury home. Start your journey with DPV Construction, a firm reputed for delivering first-rate home extensions in Canterbury. Connect with us on 0431 234 491 to discuss your plan, and let’s transform your home into the space you’ve always dreamed of.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Home Extensions Canterbury

What types of home extensions does DPV Construction offer in Canterbury?

DPV Construction offers a range of home extension services in Canterbury that includes expanding living rooms, adding extra bedrooms or bathrooms, and creating a home office space. Their professionals draw upon their vast experience to seamlessly integrate the new segment with the existing structure.

Can DPV Construction handle the planning permissions for home extensions in Canterbury?

Yes. DPV Construction handles all paperwork, including obtaining planning permissions for home extensions in Canterbury, if necessary. Their extensive industry knowledge and legal expertise save homeowners the hassle, time, and energy.

Why should I choose DPV Construction for home extensions in Canterbury?

DPV Construction delivers top-notch quality home extensions using premium materials, custom-designed solutions to suit individual needs, efficient project management, transparent communication, and has an expert team of skilled, experienced professionals. Their commitment to providing outstanding customer satisfaction makes them a reliable choice for home extensions in Canterbury.

What process does DPV Construction follow for planning a home extension in Canterbury?

DPV Construction’s team will meet with homeowners to understand the needs, examine the current home structure, and discuss the purpose of the home extension. They will help homeowners decide on the size, style, and placement of the extension considering different factors.

How do home extensions add value to my property in Canterbury?

Home extensions are an excellent way to add more functionality and value to your property. They provide extra space while retaining the charm of your existing house. A well-executed home extension can significantly increase the value of your Canterbury residence, and it also allows for a personal touch to match your changing needs and aspirations.